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All you need to know about Upublish.

How do I get started with Upublish?

You first have to create an account by clicking the signup button on our home page. After sign up, you can choose a plan suitable for you and make the payment. Once payment is complete, we will automatically set up your CMS and provide you the IP address that needs to be mapped with your domain. It takes less than 10 mins to get started.

What are Upublish subscription charges?
Please visit our pricing page for the subscription details. 
Where can I download the invoice after purchasing the plan?

Once you have made the payment you will receive a link to download the invoice to your registered email account.

What is the refund policy for the subscription?
We do not refund any amount against the subscription of our products. The subscription will only conclude at the end of the subscribed period
Is it possible to upgrade my current subscription plan?

Yes. You can find the option to upgrade your plan in the top right corner of your dashboard.

You can also reach out to our support team - for any upgrade request.

How can I update my plan?
You can upgrade your plans directly from the CMS by selecting the preferred plan and the time commitment. For downgrading the plan you have to reach out to us at
What will happen if I exceed by monthly page views?
Don’t worry, we won’t interrupt your service without notice! For all plans, we will send emails warning you when you reach the limit.  You can upgrade to the next plan using the option in your homepage. 
I got error while creating the account. What do I do?
Please contact our support team at
Is there support to create Android or IOS app for my site?
Yes.  You can request for app creation from quick update section in the dashboard. Our team will reach out to you with details.
How can I create backup of my site?
You can get backup of the entire server by raising a request from the quick update section in the CMS dashboard. Page, post, categories, tag and media level backup can be done from the general settings menu.
How do I update DNS record in the hosting providers?
Once your account is set up, you will receive your IP address and instruction to link with the domain name purchased with hosting providers. Please reach out to if you face any difficulties.
What is the uptime of the websites?
Our platform is designed to keep the site up with 99% uptime. Incase you face any issues please reach out to us at
Is there a limit to the number of users per account?
No, but we recommend you onboard users with caution. They are the ones responsible for the content.

How can I control the different permissions for the team members?
The user role editor in the user module lets you control and customise various permission for all your team members. You can enable and disable suitable access from the wide range of access types available.
What languages can I create and post articles?
Upublish supports creating and posting articles in any languages.
How do I monitor performance of my site and posts?
Our CMS dashboard provides data on total views, comments and daily trend chart for each page and posts. You can also view data for each author, categories and tags.
How can I customise the look and feel of my site?
You can customise your site by choosing suitable themes from the Appearance menu and changing its features by clicking customise button.
Does the themes allow dark mode?
Yes. You can select light or dark mode by clicking Themes settings in the Appearance menu.
What are the SEO related changes I can do with the article?

Within the settings tab on the editor, there is the option of improving your article rankings via SEO. You can add multiple keywords separated by spaces to associate them to your article. Don’t forget to save your post as a draft in order for these changes to be saved at the backend. There are options of Google, Facebook and Twitter Preview that help you customize how your article will look when shared on the said social media. You can customize the featured images, SEO title and meta description. 

Can I edit images, audios and videos before adding it to the post?
The product supports basic image editing like rotate, crop, resize. Video and audioio editing is not available at this moment and currently work in progress.
How to I disable commenting on my site?

You have the option to enable or disable comments on your post under the settings menu while creating a post. 

You can also change the default setting by clicking the discussion option in the setting menu. Here you have the option to disable comments, manually approve comments and block comments by adding details like mail, IP address to the comment blocklist.

How can I partner with Upublish Ad network? What is the revenue sharing plan
You can get additional revenue by partnering with Upublish ad network and displaying ads of our partners. You can write to us at to get started.

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